Protect Your Assets

Waterproofing is a highly specialized aspect of building design and maintenance which is beneficial to protect your valuable building assets for decades to come. Waterproofing can best be described as the treatment of a surface or structure in order to prevent water infiltration. By properly waterproofing the below and above grade structure, you not only protect the space and its contents from costly water damage, but you also preserve the structure itself.

At Knowles, when an existing building structure needs evaluation, we conduct a thorough survey which includes developing waterproofing system options, making recommendations, preparing construction details if necessary and providing cost estimates. We incorporate quality, time-tested materials in our recommendations to help ensure long-term performance. Our proposed solutions reflect an awareness of such issues as resealability, subsurface water management, crack bridging ability, leak localization and resistance to de-icing chemicals to name a few. We listen to what our clients want and will take time to share with them information about materials, performance and maintenance. We stay current with the many new products being brought to market and are always seeking creative ways to continue to solve these age old problems. When possible, on-site performance testing can be conducted to assure positive results prior to leaving the site.

  • Caulking & Sealants
  • Damp proofing
  • Tuck pointing
  • Exterior Wall Coatings
  • Epoxy Injection
  • Chemical Grout
  • Parking Deck Restoration
  • Plaza Deck Restoration & Waterproofing
  • Expansion Joint Systems
  • Pedestrian & Vehicular Traffic membranes
  • New Construction Above and Below Grade Waterproofing