Sustainability of Shotcrete

100 year old process

Shotcrete offers an exceptional number of placement sustainability advantages, while still enjoying all the sustainability advantages of the concrete material, for both new construction and repair/rehabilitation operations. This 100 year old process offers the opportunity for material, labor, and speed savings, all of which are critical sustainability advantages. Here are some of the top sustainability benefits of shotcrete:

  • Crane and other equipment savings or elimination.
  • Labor savings of at least 50% in repair applications.
  • New construction speed savings of 33 to 50%.
  • Better bonding to the substrate enhances durability.
  • Adaptability to repair surfaces that are not cost-effective with other processes.
  • Ability to access restricted space and difficult-to-reach areas, including overhead and underground.
  • Complex shapes require very little, if any, formwork.
  • Formwork does not have to be designed for internal pressures.
  • Material savings through elimination/reduction of formwork.
  • Speed of repair reduces or eliminates downtime.
As a materials supplier, we work closely with many contractors, and Knowles is one of the best shotcrete applicators I’ve ever seen. They follow our procedures for surface preparation and application to the letter, every time. I’ve recommended Knowles to many customers, and they’ve been pleased without fail.
— Dave Jamieson, Formerly Northeast District Manager, Sika Concrete Restoration System