In 1988, we had a Workers' Compensation Experience Modifier of 2.42!  Realizing the immediate need for serious action, we made numerous changes including the following:

  • Developed an Employee Safety Manual
  • Made working safely a condition of employment
  • Conducted numerous training programs
  • Upgraded our safety equipment
  • Developed a safety awards program
  • Formed a Safety Committee and Improvement Team
  • Organized an Annual Safety Day for all employees
  • Established an Employee Assistance Program

Focusing our attention on our employees made the difference. They know we care about their well-being; therefore, they take the initiative to make safety first in the workplace.

Although there is much more to a safety program than numbers, we do believe our current Workers' Compensation Experience Modifier of .74 is a great indication of the progress we have made.

Safety Awards

We at Knowles are very proud of the recent safety awards we have earned.

  • 2016 ISNET World Certified Contractor since 2008
  • 2015 AGC of America Zero Lost Time Incidents
  • 2014 AGC of America Zero Lost Time Incidents
  • 2013 AGC of America Zero Lost Time Incidents
  • 2012 AGC of America Zero Lost Time Incidents
  • 2011 AGC of America Zero Lost Time Incidents
  • 2004 MEMIC Safety Management Award
  • 2003 American Red Cross Workplace Safety Award
  • 1996 ACM Maine's Safest Contractor


"Supervisors and workers alike integrate safety into their daily operations at Knowles Industrial Services Corporation. As a regular presenter at the Annual Safety Day, I have observed KISC workers to be knowledgeable and genuinely interested in workplace safety. This annual training, coupled with regular jobsite safety meetings and OSHA 10-hour Construction Safety Training for all supervisors and the majority of workers, result in a crew that is very safety-conscious."

– Rod Stanley, Director of Construction Operations, MEMIC Loss Control