Knowledge and Installation Expertise

Your new concrete projects require the knowledge and installation expertise of a contractor that has been completing this type of work for a long time. Poor quality concrete work at the start of a project is the major cause and cost of future repairs and maintenance issues. To avoid this, you need the services of Knowles Industrial Services Corporation. From precast installations to forming and pouring of intricate structures, Knowles has done it all. With two professional engineers on staff, Knowles also has the capability of assisting you with the design aspect as well as the actual concrete construction. ACI certified concrete technicians will be on site ensuring that you receive a quality concrete installation.

Bridges, parking garages, exterior stairs, hydroelectric dams, pulp and paper mills are just some of the facilities in which Knowles has performed this type of work. From custom built forms to pre-manufactured systems, Knowles has the expertise to provide you with a quality finished product. Because we know what causes concrete to fail and what is required to repair it, we do all we can during the initial construction phase to eliminate the possibility of these problems recurring in the future.