The Latest Materials and Technique

Your floors can be an important element in a productive plant: by protecting the structure against deterioration, providing a reliable surface for the placement of equipment, and creating a non-skid surface for safe and efficient movement of personnel. However, if your floors are not up to the task, they can also be a liability requiring frequent repair and maintenance; thereby, resulting in excess cost and downtime. That's why it is so important to choose a contractor that really knows industrial flooring . . . Knowles Industrial Services.


Knowles has over 40 years of experience applying all kinds of resinous flooring from epoxies and urethanes to methyl-methacrylate acrylic and cementitious urethane, self-leveling or troweled, in a wide range of available textures and colors. We have the engineering expertise to be able to specify the right material to protect the substrate of your new floor against corrosion, contaminants, or abrasion. We have all the necessary equipment for the proper preparation of the substrate including shot blasters, grinders, and scarifiers, just to name a few. We can make your old floors look and function the way they did when they were first installed.

The supervisors and crews at Knowles continuously receive factory training in the latest materials and techniques including safety and environmental procedures. Our personnel understand the need to coordinate with your staff in order to minimize downtime. We employ state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to measure all critical aspects of surface preparation and material application. Knowles is an authorized applicator for the leading material suppliers; therefore, we can give you expert unbiased advice on the ideal product for your project.

Knowles has the capability to meet the specific challenges of flooring in your industry because we have successfully done so on previous projects performed for the pulp and paper industry, water treatment and hydroelectric plants, commercial, heavy industrial, institutional, and pharmaceutical facilities. In summary, we can offer you maximum efficiency, minimum downtime, and increased longevity for your floors.